Patron support spanning decades

It’s impossible to practice my craft day in, day out without others there to lift you up. If the input and zeal I put into music yielded a commensurate amount of financial stability, I probably wouldn’t have to rely on anything but my fiddle.

The reality is that without the help of so many fine people, I couldn’t pursue classical music. Here is a list of incredible individuals & institutions that have made my artistic life possible:

My wonderful wife Grace, my parents Peter & Ruth, Eric Hoffman, Mag Bartley, Frank Hilf, Charles Carleton, Jesse Robbins, Deborah Dumont, Jan Moor-Jankowski, Paul & Wendy Siegfried, Gavin Anderson, Michael Harris, Lara St. John, Greg & Christine Buchanan, Shari St. John, Robinson Rodriguez, Ben Kerman, Steve Tjoa, David Vigliano, Howard Cass, Jeff Phillips, Gregg Alf, Christopher Germain, Lee Phillips, Harriet Jones, Jerry Kuderna … my loving & wise music instructors, The University of Indiana, The Juilliard School, The Charles H. Ivey Foundation and The Canadian Council for the Arts.